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New Energy

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  • Time of issue:2021-09-01 16:05:01
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New energy vehicle management system:

1、Motor controller IGBT chip heat sink

2、The heat dissipation and heating system of the battery cell


1、Motor controller IGBT chip heat sink

A large number of insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) are needed in electric vehicles. IGBT is one of the core devices in electric vehicles and an important part of the power system. Dissipating heat from the IGBT module is a prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of electric vehicles .

At present, all new energy vehicle manufacturers use single-sided IGBT modules. By 2018, double-sided IGBT modules will be gradually adopted as the core components of motor drive controllers.

New energy vehicle drive module IGBT double-sided liquid-cooled cold plate assembly

 (1), suitable for heat dissipation of double-sided IGBT modules;

 (2). Meet the customer's single-chip IGBT heating requirements, and the flow resistance is less than 10KPa;

 (3). The specific structure parameters can be determined according to customer requirements.


2、 New energy vehicle drive module IGBT single-sided liquid-cooled cold plate

(1). Optimized internal flow channel design, the temperature difference between IGBT modules is less than 2℃;

(2). At a flow rate of 10L/min, the flow resistance is <8KPa.