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  • Time of issue:2021-09-01 16:05:18
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The telecommunications/data communication industry includes wired or wireless information processing, transmission and delivery processes. This industry relies on high-performance devices that can handle wider frequency bands in a smaller space to empower global telecommunications carriers to meet the exponentially increasing demand for video, sound, and data transmission. Rezdun's products related to EMI/RFI and thermal solutions have vital safety and functionality. As small as optical modules, as large as base station equipment, they can be used for almost all levels of applications.

The RRU is a device used for wireless communication between the user equipment and the wireless network. It is usually installed on a tower with environmental sealing, EMI shielding, and a thermal control system at the same time. The relevant components and materials recommended by Leitz Shield here are: ECE 503 conductive rubber, ECE 601 conductive rubber, SR300 sealing rubber, S28, S30, S51 thermal conductive material, TG801 thermal conductive glue, T9 thermal conductive insulating material, and wave absorbing corresponding to the frequency band Material.

RNC is used to control the base station connected to the mobile phone before sending and receiving information to perform radio resource management, or some mobile management functions and data encryption. For design engineers, it is essential to integrate the EMI shielding and heat dissipation system between the housing and the PCB in a small space. Here, Leizidun recommends related parts and materials: FOF conductive foam, finger reed, BLS shield, S51 and S28 thermally conductive materials.